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About Us


Using the highest quality ink and edible paper on the  market we are able to produce high quality prints! With many years experience in Photoshop we can design the cake topper you are looking for!

With our large family there comes many birthdays. Every birthday cake needs to be special to that person. By either including their favorite sport, hobby, or even a photograph.  But, with very little talent in the bakery department and having to make many birthday cakes I turned to edible images. I realized I could never find what I was looking for or the images were poor quality. That  is when I begin designing and printing them myself.  Before long, locals were asking me to make an edible image for them. Having four kids at home and realizing there was a market for edible toppers, I turned to the internet.  I supply many  bakeries worldwide with their edible images and I hear quite often, "I won't use anyone else, your images are the best!"  

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